"I believe that every person is creative. We are born that way. Art comes from our souls; it is sacred and therefore there are no “mistakes.”

I encourage my students to paint what they feel to be free in their artistic expression, combining the study of techniques with their innate creative spirits.” - Marie Cummings, 2018

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Time to bring out the old dogs. Sometimes the award winners are discovered on discarded paintings. Looking at a work with a fresh eye and new ideas will make that piece into a masterpiece. New shapes are discovered by using the process of layering paints. Add some crayons, inks, pastels or pencils to enhance designs. You will know that you are a free spirit at heart. 


Creativity and freedom of expression is the focus of this class with emphasis on design with watercolor and acrylic paints. This intuitive process is for artists who want a smorgasbord of ideas for creating texture. Or adapt new ideas into their style of painting. Learn uses for various mediums including gel and gesso to form new surfaces to paint on. Texturing techniques include, stencils and stamps commercial and original, cheesecloth, materials from nature and found objects.


“Since starting to paint “experimentally” with Marie several years ago, a well-spring of creativity has opened up for me. She has a special way of encouraging you to use that creativity to the utmost. Painting with Marie has been a true joy!”Type your paragraph here.

Testimonials from past participants of Marie's workshops. 

“Marie makes the world of Watermedia an exciting place to explore. She is fun, supportive and sharing.”

“Marie Cummings is an extraordinary artist and teacher whose fresh eye and experimental exuberance has opened creative pathways for her students. Her classes are masterful playgrounds of spontaneity and originality.”

Catherine Bergman,

Curator of Exhibitions,

Dunedin Fine Art Center

(Dunedin, Florida)

“Marie’s Experimental Watermedia class opened a whole new world for me. The experience was fun and spirit-satisfying.”

“Time in Marie’s class is time well spent. There’s something new to learn each day. Marie is helpful, has unlimited patience and is very generous with her ideas.”


Marie Cummings

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Using collage, as a guide, to compose new paintings and experiment with texture. The first half of the day will be spent coloring papers using various painting styles.

In the afternoon we’ll use collage as a template to design new work. Working in a series of compositions, allows the artist to expand on ideas. Design guidelines are presented to enhance ones creative juices to go beyond his or her comfort level.